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More about qo- and o- prefixes
Syntax of Voynichese
Analysis of word dependency
Prefix-Suffix correlations
Burmese diagramms (Pindaya cave, Shan state) [1] [2] [3] [4]
Calendar Solution of the Star Section

Useful pages:
Here you can find the manuscript, font, transcription, photos and Index.

Gallery or the Voynich Manuscript

EVA alphabet and font download ,also here  Voynich Manuscript-transcription by Takeshi Takahashi
Voynich MS - Pages / Folios  by René Zandbergen -Complete Gallery Occurrences of word and phrases by block by Jorge Stolfi
Voynich Manuscript-photo gallery (Complete) by Takeshi Takahashi VMS Concordance - Word and Phrase index by Jorge Stolfi
Frogguy voynich manuscript botanical archive (selected pictures with thumbnails) by Jacques Guy Colorized Pages by Jorge Stolfi
Voynich manuscript - Enhanced text images by Jorge Stolfi Herbal pages colorized by specificity by Jorge Stolfi

General Servers (where you find everything)

Voynich Manuscript in Vikipedia   and in Gurupedia
 Jargon of the terms of the Voynich Manuscript

Voynich Manuscript Mailing List HQ by Jim Gillogly
The European Voynich Manuscript Transcription Project by Gabriel Landini
The Voynich Manuscript by René Zandbergen
Stuff related to the Voynich manuscript by Jorge Stolfi
The most misterious Manuscript in the World
by Takeshi Takahashi

Voynich Manuscript Resources

Statistical Analysis and solutions
Two Languages A and B by Captain H. Currier
OKOKOKO paradigm by Jorge Stolfi
A prefix-midfix-suffix decomposition of Voynichese words by Jorge Stolfi
A Grammar for Voynichese Words
by Jorge Stolfi
Main candidates for plant names
  by Jorge Stolfi
A large list of labels and titles by Jorge Stolfi